Midges—whether biting (Ceratopogonidae) or non-biting (Chironomidae)—are known to many as problematic pests. While there are multiple ways to protect yourself against them and eliminate infestations, an understanding of these insects’ habitat and ecology can be essential in getting to the root of the problem. Being able to adequately prepare and determine the correct course ofContinue reading “WHERE DO MIDGES LIVE?”

Biting Midges (Culicoides)

Engaging in outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, and lounging on the beach can be refreshing. However, many will attest that biting midges can render these otherwise beautiful occasions uncomfortable and distasteful because of their nasty bites. These biting flies are encountered at least once in a person’s lifetime.   Still, not many peopleContinue reading “Biting Midges (Culicoides)”