Biting Midges UK: The Scoop on the Infamous Scotland Midge

If you’re a fan of the great outdoors, there’s no doubt you’ve encountered biting midges at some point.

Often called “no-see-ums” in North America, biting midges in the UK are commonly known as “biting gnats.” Scientifically speaking, these tiny flies belong to Ceratopogonidae, a diverse insect family of over 5,600 species.

What Do Midges Eat?

Midges are minuscule winged insects that belong to the order Diptera or true flies. They can either be biting (family Ceratopogonidae) or non-biting (family Chironomidae)—both troublesome pests in their respective ways. Avoiding, eliminating, and protecting yourself against these bothersome insects entails a thorough understanding of what makes them tick. Perhaps one fundamental question, to beginContinue reading “What Do Midges Eat?”

How Long Do Midges Live?

Midges—regardless of species—are no doubt pests. Biting midges, or Ceratopogonidae, cause itchy, painful, and overall irritating lesions in humans and livestock. Non-biting midges, or Chironomidae, can be equally bothersome, causing blockage and contamination in air and water filtration systems. So, of course, many would want to eliminate them as quickly as possible, whether through settingContinue reading “How Long Do Midges Live?”